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Our mission is to create a community for employers who have the need for more-than-one language speaking talents,  to tackle their perhaps non-English speaking market. We strongly believe that bilingual talents have more advantage than monolingual candidates when looking for a job, and should be first considered given all the other qualifications are equal.

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“I wouldn’t know what to do without tiegether.com”

I had very limited access to career information while in school, and I was worried where to find jobs that would be a fit for my background, and then I was told about tigether,com. I’m thankful there is a website site like this, I wouldn’t know what to do without tigether.com.

Roger Gao

Undergrad from NYU

“Best Site I’ve used for career information”

Hands down the best site I’ve used for the most informational on international jobs and opportunities that suit my background the most. Lots of entry level positions found here.

Sharon Peng

Graduate Student from Columbia university

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