About Us:

Gopackup is a trusted community marketplace for individuals to create unique tours based on their own perceptions of a local city and offer their services to global travelers.

Gopackup connects travelers with locals based on shared interests to facilitate in-depth exploration of a city. At Gopackup, a local architect may take travelers on an architectural tour in Chicago, sharing details such as each building’s style, technique, history, materials, the designer’s background, and the building’s influence upon the city’s culture. A local artist might show you street art in San Francisco, exploring neighborhoods geared towards travelers keen to art. Your guide may arrange a visit to local artists’ studios to see an artist at work and to discuss art expressions, techniques, and trends. A local startup entrepreneur in Silicon Valley may take travelers to experience the startup and venture culture there, taking guests to incubators, and meeting local startup entrepreneurs. If the traveler is also interested in starting his or her own business, this tour would be valuable for networking and starting potential collaborations with local partners in the future.

Gopackup provides both web and mobile platforms, allowing travelers to search and browse tours by keywords, tags, and location. Details of specific tours include: cost, duration, capacity, descriptions, itinerary, reviews, and more.

Gopackup helps travel lovers find the lowest flight fare based on their preferences. Instead of providing a full list of flights, Gopackup provides people with one recommended quote, which is the lowest price based on the traveler’s preferences, such as: number of stops, departure or landing time, airlines, pets allowed, in-flight wifi, extra luggage, no change or cancellation fees, food preferences, extra leg room, and more.

Gopackup makes travel experiences memorable and helps travelers engage with the local community. Simply pack up, and go! Gopackup!


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November 30, 2015