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Founded in 1992, Fosun Group is a classic story of success after China’s reform and opening-up. On 16 July 2007, Fosun International (00656.HK), the parent company of Fosun Group, was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

As of today, Fosun has established a development model powered by four growth engines comprising “insurance, industrial operations, investments and assets management”, and through implementation of its philosophy of value investment, Fosun is making strides towards its vision of becoming “a premium insurance-oriented investment group with a focus on China’s growth momentum”. Currently, Fosun mainly invests in sectors that would significantly benefit from China’s growth momentum, such as consumption and consumption upgrade, financial services, resources & energy, and manufacturing upgrade, with a view to participating in the rapid development of China’s economy.

Fosun’s investment philosophy is to maintain a strong base in China and invest in the country’s growth fundamentals, so as to capture opportunities arising from consumption and services upgrade, urbanization and industrial upgrade brought by the restructuring of China’s economy towards domestic demand. At the same time, Fosun seeks to capitalize on structural changes in the global economy, implementing its unique investment model of “combining China’s growth momentum with global resources” and reinforcing its position as a China expert with global capacity, with a view to constantly creating value for the society and its shareholders.

In practice, Fosun unremittingly builds up its capabilities in identifying and capturing investment opportunities benefiting from China’s growth, improving the management and enhancing the value of investees, and establishing multi-channel financing system to access quality capital. With the value chain based on these three core competencies and a group of entrepreneurs endorsing its corporate culture, a solid foundation is laid for the continuous rapid growth of Fosun.

While pursuing economic development, Fosun also share the fruitful results of development with our staff, partners and communities, taking the initiative to contribute the society in return. Meanwhile, Fosun also actively contributes its efforts to improve the business and natural environments of China so as to support the rejuvenation of the Chinese economy and culture.


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November 30, 2015