Website Ehomie Boston Inc.


Job Description:

  • Responsible for assisting the company in operation the official Weibo, WeChat; write articles for Boston area.
  • Collect and study the hot topic, combine the new media features to adjust and update the contents of Weibo and WeChat.
  • Research target user group preferences, locate customer needs and preferences.
  • Conduct online event planning and implementation.


  • 负责配合公司整体运营官方微博、微信等自媒体平台,进行波士顿地区的日常内容撰写工作;
  • 收集、研究网络热点话题,结合新媒体特性,对微博、微信内容的实时调整和更新;
  • 调研目标用户群体喜好,定位客户需求及喜好。
  • 进行线上活动的策划及执行。


  • Enrolled college students or bachelor’s degree or above
  • Must be able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Creative thinking, sensitive to hot topic and strong writing skills applicable to digital marketing
  • Results-oriented and have a strong desire to get involved with day-to-day operations of the company
  • Flaunt in both Chinese and English
  • At least 2-3 days working with the team


  • 美国本科或研究生在校生;
  • 具备独立策划、撰写、编辑能力,同时具有良好的团队协作精神。
  • 具有较强的新闻热点敏感性,有创造力, 且有较强的文案功底。
  • 认真负责,有强烈的意愿参与公司的日常运营。
  • 中英文流利
  • 每周至少工作2-3天


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