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Headquartered in London, the UK, HungryPanda is a specialist food delivery platform to providing authentic Chinese food and groceries to Chinese compatriots and students abroad since its establishment in 2016.

With its business footprint in more than 60 major cities across the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, and so on, HungryPanda is the global leader in delivering Chinese food and groceries with extensive market coverage, highest user traffic as well as annual transaction volumes.

Inventory management specialist – Mandarin Speaking


1. Implement the establishment of the inventory management system and operating procedures within the region to support the reduction of inventory costs and the improvement of operational efficiency;

2. Improve the performance indicators of each process of the inventory link within the region, sort out and continuously optimize the inventory process and standards, and improve the efficiency of inventory management;

3. Ensure that the inventory structure is healthy, allocate inventory reasonably, and improve inventory turnover rate, order fulfillment rate and other indicators;

4. Continue to set and optimize inventory parameters, plan inventory methods and cycles, ensure consistent accounts, and ultimately achieve inventory optimization and reduce losses.


1. Strong body, able to withstand long-term physical labor;

2. Master the operation process in the warehouse, and be familiar with the related business and indicators of inventory management;

3. Experience in inventory control management is preferred;

4. Strong communication and coordination skills and organizational skills are required.

5. Proficiency in using office software such as office.


1. 落实区域范围内库存管理体系和作业流程地搭建,为降低库存成本和提高运营效率做支撑;

2. 提升区域范围内库存环节各流程的绩效指标,梳理并不断优化存货流程和标准,提高库存管理效率;

3. 确保库存结构健康,合理分配库存,提升库存周转率、订单满足率等指标达成;

4. 持续对库存参数进行设置和优化,对盘点方式和周期进行规划,确保账实一致,以最终达到库存优化并减少损失。


1. 身强力壮,能承受较长时间体力劳动;

2. 掌握库内作业流程,熟悉库存管理相关业务及指标;

3. 有库存控制管理经验优先;

4. 需具备较强的沟通协调能力和组织能力。

5. 熟练使用office等办公软件。



Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $2,500.00 – $4,000.00 per month


Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Chinese (Required)

Driver’s License (Preferred)
Work Location:

Multiple locations
Work Remotely:


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