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TuSimple was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing the top minds in the world together to achieve the dream of a driverless truck solution. With a foundation in computer vision, algorithms, mapping, and AI, Tusimple is working to create the first commercially viable autonomous truck driving platform with L4 (SAE) levels of safety.

目前有122 Jobs在招,对应届毕业生很友好,大部分Software Engineer/ML/Agorithm/hardware Enginner/Product/PM相关的职位都有面向Jr level , entry level,sr level的,不少Intern 职位。

疫情期间可以remote work, 之后需要搬家到San diego,CA 或者Tucson,AZ,公司提供relocation support。

公司可以提供免费三餐,医疗保险不需要个人掏钱,最重要的是Sponsor H1b、Green card!!!


我这边主要负责Software Engineering 相关职位(语言不限于C++/Python),其他职位如果申请职位2周没有收到回复,也可以邮件我,会帮忙跟进

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