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JJ Lake Business Center is looking for an Investment Business Development Manager to build the entrepreneur community and manage the innovation partner network in Boston. Candidates shall have a passion and related experiences in entrepreneurship, cross-border collaboration, and venture capitalism. This position is ideal for self-motivated and dedicated candidates.
Help build a partnership with innovation organizations, including but not limited to school labs, incubators/accelerators, entrepreneurial organizations in the east coast;
Help build and accumulate entrepreneur community;
Investment deal sourcing, due diligence, and deal referrals;
To initiate, plan, organize and execute innovation projects;
Collaborate with Mountain View, Silicon Valley headquarter on innovation projects;
Help improve social media presence;
Ability to adapt to high-intensity work pressures and solve problems;
Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Mandarin Chinese;
Minimum 2-year related experiences required;
Bio-health or technical background preferred;

Please send your resume to, copy:
JJ Lake Business Center正在寻找全职投资业务拓展经理,以期在波士顿建立创业者社群并管理东海岸创新合作伙伴网络。候选人应在创业投资和跨境合作方面有饱满的热情和相关经验。此职位适合有上进心和奉献精神的候选人。




薪酬待遇:Competitive salary, PTO,401k,Medicare,Year-end bonus (1-3 month)

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