MySolarAsset, Inc. (MSA)

MySolarAsset, Inc. (MSA)

Company and Industry Background

MSA is a VC funded solar energy and software technology startup company located in the Bay Area (Fremont, California). During the past ten years, Department of Energy (DOE) alone has invested over $400 million in R&D funding to reduce residential solar costs. Unfortunately, residential solar cost continues to be stubbornly high, particularly the sales and marketing costs. MSA strives to develop cutting edge technology which will help the transition of residential solar market in the years to come. Some of the products we are developing will significantly improve solar cost structure and make solar affordable to every household (from currently three percent market share). We are seeking a few bright, highly motivated and innovative intern candidates. The selected candidates will be responsible for assisting and supporting our solar veterans with a variety of training initiatives. The internship program will provide an opportunity to experience an entrepreneurial role as part of a cutting-edge sales and marketing team working on social media and viral sales strategy and implementation.

Areas to focus on

Marketing / 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion) focus includes:
Participate in brainstorming of sales funnel, 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion), market intelligence, data collection, developing alliance programs (influencer, partner, affiliate).
Field validation of marketing hypothesis (customer surveys).
Assist in website building, SEO strategy, positioning, advertisements, email marketing, and content marketing.

Social Media focus includes:
Assist with social media sales channel building by brainstorming ideas about building sales funnel, putting together go-to-market plan and viral sales plan, and execution.
Monitor social media and conduct web analytics on customer acquisition cost (CAC) on a weekly basis (e.g. leads conversion) and provide reports of growth and other activities.

Sales focus includes:
Assist in generating unique sales plans and alliance programs and building sales network.
Participate in 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion).
Assist in recruiting, and training sales representatives.

General responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Under the guidance of company mentors, study, research, and understand the solar market.
Collect market intelligence data for customer needs and other relevant marketing information.
Study the unique startup methodology, e.g., customer development process, Lean Startup, Blue Ocean, Blitzscaling, and so forth.
Assist in writing business plans.

Qualifications and skills

Current MBA students or college students majored in business, sales and marketing, or communication
Knowledge of or interest in clean and renewable energy, and/or environmental industries
Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
Willing to jump in with a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit
Experience with social media content marketing
Knowledge of graphic design and visual communication
Excellent time and project management skills
Ability to multi-task and prioritize

Remote at this moment due to the COVID-19.

Start Date



Internships can be considered for both paid and unpaid. Paid interns must have previous sales and marketing working experience in solar or other relevant industries.

Unpaid internships must be a requirement or preference of the school for academic credits. Before you begin your internship, documentation from the school will be required (preferred) stating how many credits you will receive, how many hours you are required to work per week, start and end dates of internship, and if your supervisor is required to fill out an evaluation. If college credit is not available, documentation from your school will be required stating that the internship is approved and/or sponsored by the school as educationally relevant. A weekly minimum 16 hours is preferred, and flexible schedules are available.

How to apply:

You will need to send a resume and cover letter which outlines your goals for an internship to

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