Website Data Application Lab 数据应用学院

项目研究(2020 Summer实习)

Duration: Based on project terms (通常为1-3 Months)

Part time/full time: part time (10-20 hours/week)

Salary: Unpaid/Paid (By Case)

Location: Remote During COVID-19, On site if available

Application Deadline: 5-9-2020


– BS/MS/PhD in STEM field, preference for Data Science, Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics
– Be able to understand goals and standards for various content areas
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational skills.
– (Prefer)Understanding of data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing; ability to discuss mathematical formulations, alternatives, and impact on modeling approach; Knowledge of development practices (testing, code design, complexity, and code optimization)
– (Required) MySQL, Python programing
– (Optional) Visualization Tools 
Core Responsibilities include:
  • 以项目形式Research工业界数据科学产业
  • 为Engineering Consulting 项目提供POC
  • 能按时定期完成并汇报研究成果(ppt,分析以及code)
  • 结合数据科学技能,独立探索以及发掘商业数据的信息
  • 理解并积极探讨所研究项目工业界垂直产业信息
  • 整理并在实习后总结陈述成果
  • 帮助以及辅助公司其他数据科学相关业务
  • 能独立根据要求自主学习未知内容
  • 乐于帮助其他同事研究和探讨,整理学习资料
  • 积极配合各种不同领域的研发与探索


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