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Job Responsibilities:

· Researching and predicting fashion trends.
· Assist working with design, planning and sales teams.
· Assist creating online displays.
· Assist directing fashion photo shoots based on product strategies.
· Track the inventory.
· Assist Creating collections, and styles.

Position Requirements:

· Highly Organized with Exceptional Attention to Detail, Loves Perfection.
· Ability to Work Independently and Part of a Team.
· Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills.
· Ability to Multitask in a Fast-Paced Environment.
· Strong Time-Management.
· Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills, both Written and Verbal.
· Interested in a Career in Fashion Merchandising or Retail Operations.
· Recent Graduates or Currently Enrolled in a 4-year degree program, Fashion related major is appreciated.

We hope candidates are:

· Forecasting Ability: While more scientific than fortune telling, fashion merchandising jobs do have a forecasting element. In order to improve your accuracy, you’ll need a thorough knowledge of past fashion trends and an awareness of current industry developments.
· Analytical Ability: A good sense of style obviously helps you; however, you must also determine how things fit into a budget and whether they meet the functional needs of consumers. Other criteria may also influence your fashion merchandising decisions, so you will need to be able to analyze a complex set of issues and stand behind your choices.
· Creative Skills: Know how to use Photoshop to create an image or poster for specific needs. Based on the fashion trends to create collection or topic for our brand. Know how to play the different products to design a new view for different collection or new launch.

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