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Cmind Inc is an early-stage ai+fintech startup in Boston. It develops accounting and auditing AI for financial institutions, CPA firms, and regulators. Its products and services explore the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and natural language processing to save customers operational efficiency and improve their return of investments. Visit for company information. Please send your resume to for the application.

In this role, the intern will learn the skills of market research and how to analyze technologies, products and markets, and subsequently articulate his/her analysis in written reports.

1. Participate in research in market trends, customer segmentation, and competitor analysis
2. Assist in developing business development and commercialization plans
3. Write research reports
4. Participate in quantitative modeling exercises/projects (if possible)

1. Basic understanding of market research methodologies
2. Bachelor’s degree required. Academic background in marketing, business, analysis, finance, or relative majors.
3. Technical background in science or engineering (such as computing platforms, operating environments, servers, cloud technologies, storage systems and software) is NOT required but PLUS. No working experience is required.
4. Strong writing skills Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Microsoft suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
5. Self-motivated learner and strong communication and interpersonal skills
6. Ability to work independently

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