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1. 参与腾讯海外校招的策略制定与推行,保障海外校园精兵的开源、甄选和吸引;

2. 负责海外校园招聘在垂直领域的项目设计和落地执行,承担项目经理职责;

3. 负责部分海外校招的关系搭建与维护,开展校企合作,探索更多腾讯在海外本地化高校学生招聘和全球化运营的模式;

4. 负责腾讯在海外地区的校园招聘交付和各类线下活动,以达成海外校招目标和校园雇主品牌建设;

5. 运用数据化校招思维,对校招过程和结果所呈现的数据作深入全面的分析,为不断优化校招策略提供依据。

Participate in the planning and execution of Tencent global campus recruitment projects that attract, select and onboard global talents.

Design and implement global campus recruitment projects in specific fields as a project manager.

Take charge of the construction and maintenance of the relationship among global schools, carry out school-enterprise cooperation, and explore the localized operation patterns for Tencent in global campus recruitment .

Host Tencent’s campus recruitment and various offline events globally to achieve global recruitment goals and enhance employer brand.

Use data-driven campus recruitment strategy to make a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the data presented in the recruitment,to provide the evidence for how to optimize the recruitment strategy.


1. 本科及以上学历,3年以上工作经验,具备良好的英文能力,有海外工作或留学经历优先;

2. 良好的分析能力,熟练掌握收集信息和分析技能,并能够从中洞察出关键问题所在;

3. 掌握基础的面试方法和人力资源相关知识;

4. 有良好的团队合作精神,较强的沟通协调能力以及快速学习能力,并能适应跨地区跨文化工作模式。

Bachelor’s degree required. Minimum of 3 years of experience. Excellent verbal and written skills in English. Candidates with study or work experience abroad are preferred.

Strong analytical skills, proficiency in gathering and analyzing information and ability to identify problems through the information.

Master knowledge about interview methods and be familiar with human resources industry.

Great teamwork spirit, strong communication and coordination skills, and fast learning ability. Ability to adapt to cross-regional and cross-cultural work patterns

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